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    To quickly and successfully go to the intended target, one perseverance and willpower may not be enough, therefore, you should always be with obereg – an amulet of jade. Such talisman brings good luck in professional activities, is a symbol of intelligence and military valor. Precious products online store "Russian jade" protect the owner from troubles and attach the desire to win.


Jade an indicator of spiritual growth


Wearers of jade products are highly moral, pure, merciful and just. The gem helps them to find a way out of a difficult position. As if nurturing, he reacts to human behavior, and dims when unseemly deeds.





This is the strongest obereg from the natural element and many other dangers that will lead you out of the impasse and help to change life for the better.





The stone of eternity and immortality


Jade amulet has long been consider a real panacea for all diseases. It is enough to attach the product to the damaged place, and the mineral will relieve the pain in case of:





The mineral provide a beneficial effect in inflammatory processes, improves the functioning of the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. In addition, the ancient medical treatises testify that the obereg of jade helps until old age to maintain male power.


Natural amulet from the evil eye


Melodious and calm plaintive sounds of the jade plates. In China, from ancient times the custom to hang amulets of this natural stone to a belt or headdress. While walking the talismans of jade issued a calm and clear sounds, which, according to legend, was scared from the people of evil spirits and demons.


Improving life forces


The jade amulet worn on the neck that can improve your health and body condition:

  • to normalize digestion;
  • to get rid of the pains in the heart;
  • to relieve fatigue and weakness;
  • prevent rapid fatigability;
  • eliminate the feeling of unmotivated fear.


If you are concerned about any malaises from this list, be sure to purchase the jade talisman.In the East, people said: «If in your heart crept spite and resentment or failures follow you, clench in your hands tightly jade and stone will calm the raging passions in you".


Precious gifts for dear dear to the heart of people


Not by chance jade is often gifted to the loved. Gem has amazing strength, comparable even with some types of steel. But unlike metal, natural stone retains heat well and it's nice to hold it in your hands. We represent the wide choice of skillfully executed thematic amulets for men and women. Amulets in the form of a wolf Fang, bear claw, and figures of ancient gods and falcons will not leave indifferent brave and strong-minded people.

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